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25 years of Unisystem – hard beginnings and rapid growth

25 years of Unisystem – hard beginnings and rapid growth

The nineties in Poland was a specific time… From the beginning, I knew that if I found my own company, I would focus on optoelectronics, especially displays. Overall, it was all along my favorite area of electronics. So, that’s what happened.

At first, the most challenging issue was not sourcing the clients but the commodities. At that time, the electronics manufacturers highly required displays, but the number of electronics parts available on the market was insufficient. There was a simple rule to be on the podium – you were a winner if you could provide supplies promptly.

Furthermore, there were also some other problems, e.g., transportation and bureaucracy. Once, you would not be able to pick up the longed-for commodities that just arrived from Taiwan, without a proper stamp on the invoice. You had to provide the appropriate documentation, which either took at least a few days… It was hard to fledge on this nascent electronics market, but fortunately, these times are gone forever.

At the beginning of Unisystem’s operations, LED displays were the leading-edge technology – it was the most common type of display. However, within a few years, the customers’ interests turned to LCDs. At first, we were cooperating with Powertip, but it had evolved in 2005 when we changed the main supplier. Those days, there was no knowing that the partnership with a Taiwanese company Winstar will be a breakthrough in Unisystem’s history. Then, we reached not only more favorable conditions of the cooperation but also an excellent ratio of quality to prices.

In the meantime, customers became more and more demanding. In 2008, we obtained a management system certificate that fulfills requirements included in the ISO 9001 standard, which over time, turns out to be a customer’s default requirement of each supplier. The next milestone was in 2010. The customers expected swift responses to their technical issues, e.g., implementing the displays, so we have founded an RnD department that can handle all of these kinds of problems. It was a big deal – the customer’s issues could be solved in a flash (instead of prolonging consultations with a supplier). It is still our great advantage in comparison with our competitors. 

The next game-changer happened in 2011, when – during the business trip to Taiwan – we have formed a partnership with new suppliers which turned out to be long-lasting (and they last till today). Among them, one of our key business partners – Litemax, a leading manufacturer of high brightness LCDs. What is more, due to cooperation with AMT, we also have diversified Unisystem’s offer with resistive and capacitive touch screens.

Till 2015 we had a few new suppliers, e.g., DFI, Samsung, LG, AUO, BOE, or Innolux. At midyear of 2015, we have changed our legal status and relocated to the new company’s residence on Nowy Świat street. It is 1000 sq m of warehouse, production department, and offices. We also found there a space for a cleanroom and showroom.

At the turn of 2015 and 2016, our export department has been founded to serve our West European customers. At hand, as we were noticing the constant attention of the foreign companies, we joined the international trade shows, e.g., Embedded World in Nuremberg. This is a perfect way to identify the needs of our foreign customers as well as build brand awareness outside Poland.

Due to the cooperation with a wide range of companies (with different specializations), we are resistant to economic fluctuations, so the company is continually growing. You can notice this stabilization not only in the financial results but also in our investments. In 2020, we decided to extend our company’s residence up to 4000 sq m.

We will not achieve this success without brilliant people. These are our employees who are real experts in their fields of interest and our customers whose loyalty is rewarded by a full commitment of Unisystem’s members to their projects. I would like to thank you with all my heart. It is also the right moment to mention our suppliers. I want to thank you for all years of far-reaching business collaboration. All your engagement, sympathy and trust make us feel that our relationship is not only a business.

In the end, I would like to thank the most to my family – my wife, son, and parents who are understanding, uncomplaining, and still believe in my success.

The last 25 years were wonderful, but I firmly believe that the best things are yet to come.


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