7-inch Android tablet by Riverdi

7-inch Android tablet by Riverdi

RiTAB-70, the new 7-inch tablet by Riverdi, is now available on Unisystem’s offer. This solution will go well with various public space applications due to additional frame and stand.

RiTAB-70 is a complete device consisting of a 7-inch LCD and capacitive touch panel in the plastic enclosure. It is worth noticing that due to operating temperature defined in the range of 0-45°C, it is a solution mainly intended for indoor applications. Nonetheless, it still can be used in a wide choice of applications.

We present the crucial parameters of RiTAB-70 in the table:

aspect ratio16:9
brightness255 cd/m2
viewing angle80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)
outline dimensions191.7×109.7×10.6 mm
weight258 g
operating temperature0-45°C
touch panelcapacitive
operational systemAndroid 7

RiTAB-70 – thanks to dedicated frame and stand (these are models specified as RiTAB-70-FR and RiTAB-70-ST) – can also be used as a terminal device. The power leads and accessories can be conveyed to the device by the openings cut out in the cover. Moreover, the solid metal frame limits the direct access to the tablet set inside the frame (it is an anti-theft design).

RiTAB-70 will go well with various types of public space devices in, e.g., shops, schools, clinics and hospitals, hotels, etc., in the offices, too. Similar solutions are more and more popular in the administration, e.g., in government offices as a part of customer services like a numeric queuing system. What is more, RiTAB-70 can also be mounted in kiosks and totems, e.g., self-checkouts, vending machines, parking meters, ticket machines, information desks, etc.


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