85-inch LCDs by Litemax

85-inch LCDs by Litemax

A few days ago, the biggest LCDs available on Uniystem’s offer were 65-inch products of the 6500-A series by Litemax. Today, the label of “the biggest LCDs on Unisystem’s offer” goes to 85-inch solutions of 8500-I series, also by Litemax. 

The 85-inch LCDs of 8500-I series can be applied in intensely lighted spaces – the 2000 cd/m2 brightness, 4000:1 contrast ratio, and 89°/89°/89°/89° viewing angle provide perfect readability of the presented content (even in the sunny spots!).

The described products can be used both indoor and outdoor, although you should notice the limited operating temperature range between 0 and 50 °C – in specific climate zones, depending on the season, you may need an additional heating or cooling system to provide proper functioning of the device.

The 8500-Is’ LED life time has been estimated up to 100 000 hours, so they can be applied in the devices intended to operate in continuous mode (24/7), such as, e.g., PIDs (Public Information Displays).

In the table, we present the crucial parameters of each product representing the 8500-I series:

aspect ratio16:916:916:916:9
active area1872.0(H)x1053.0(V) mm1872.0(H)x1053.0(V) mm1872.0(H)x1053.0(V) mm1872.0(H)x1053.0(V) mm
brightness2000 cd/m22000 cd/m22000 cd/m22000 cd/m2
contrast ratio4000:14000:14000:14000:1
viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°
interfaceV-by-OneDVI, HDMI, DPDVI, HDMI, DPm.in. HDMI , DP, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, PCIe x1, UART, I2C, RJ45
outline dimensions1902.0(H) x 1083.0(V) x 93.87(D) mm1902.0(H) x 1083.0(V) x 103.62(D) mm1902.0(H) x 1083.0(V) x 107.8(D) mm1902.0(H) x 1083.0(V) x 107.8(D) mm
weight58 000 g58 000 g80 000 g80 000 g
bezel width15.0/15.0/15.0/15.0 mm15.0/15.0/15.0/15.0 mm15.0/15.0/15.0/15.0 mm15.0/15.0/15.0/15.0 mm
LED life time100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h
power consumption819 W827 W827 W827 W
operating temperature0~50 °C0~50 °C0~50 °C0~50 °C

The 8500-I series variants

There are four variants of the 8500-I series: DLF8500-I, DLH8500-I, DLD8500-I, and DLS8500-I, which differ in additional equipment. You can choose one, which will be a perfect match for your application: 

  • DLF8500-I stands for LCD panel with LED Driving Board; this product can be manipulated by only one interface, that is V-by-One, 
  • DLH8500-I stands for DLF solution with AD Board, which also support other interfaces, in this case: DVI, HDMI, and DP, 
  • DLD8500-I stands for DLH solution, but the whole electronic is installed in an enclosure.

The DLS8500-I is a DLD solution additionally equipped with SDM (Smart Display Module) by Intel, which simplifies the implementation and management of visual information carriers. SMDs are available in two variants: SDM-L (Smart Display Module-Large, on Litemax’s offer: ASDM-APL5) and SDM-S (Smart Display Module-Small, on Litemax’s offer: ASDM-APL6). They support a few interfaces, including, e.g., HDMI and DP. Learn more about ASDM-APL5 and ASDM-APL6

The use of the 8500-I series 

The LCDs of the 8500-I series can be applied, e.g., in digital signage. They will go well as, e.g., advertisement carriers both indoor and outdoor. 

Moreover, you can install products of the 8500-I series in various kiosks or totem, e.g., information points. In these applications, which we usually operate by touch, it might be required to combine LCD with a touch panel. In the devices localized in public space, you might also consider other forms of display protection as, e.g., anti-shatter (AS) coating, which prevents the spreading of the glass splinters when the module surface is mechanically damaged, e.g., by a hit.

Contact us  to learn more about the 8500-I series by Litemax. 


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