Cost-effective IPS displays by AUO

Cost-effective IPS displays by AUO

Let’s get familiar with two cost-effective IPS displays by AUO – 21.5-inch T215HVN01.1 and 23.8-inch M238HVN01.0. Our customers widely use them due to optimal sizes and attractive prices.

The parameters of T215HVN01.1 and M238HVN01.0 are alike. They differ mainly in size (and related features as dimensions or weight) and power consumption (15.2 W for T215HVN01.1 and 12.72 W for M238HVN01.0), so they are not so energy-consuming as other LCDs. We can also customize them by adding a touch panel, e.g., capacitive (on customer’s demand).  

The most crucial parameters of these products are in the table:

active area476.64(H)x268.11(V) mm527.04(H)x296.46(V) mm
brightness250 cd/m2250 cd/m2
contrast ratio3000:13000:1
viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89° (IPS)89°/89°/89°/89° (IPS)
surface treatmentanti-glare, 3Hanti-glare, 3H
LED life timeminimum 30 000 hminimum 30 000 h
response time18 msec20 msec
power consumption15.2 W12.72 W
outline dimensions495.6(H)x292.2(V)x10.6(D) mm543.0(H)x317.4(V)x11.2(D) mm
weight1670 g2280 g
operating temperature0-50°C0-50°C

Due to optimal sizes and attractive prices, T215HVN01.1 and M238HVN01.0 are well-used indoor. Only in the shopping centres, there are at least a few potential applications for these AUO’s displays – various interactive kiosks, ticket machines, parking meters, as well as self-service checkouts. They can also be a part of kids’ playrooms as more and more popular interactive toys.

It is worth noticing that the ambient light in shopping centres is quite intensive so in case of other applications, e.g., digital signage, we highly recommend using displays with increased brightness – at least 700 cd/m2 – check our offer.

T215HVN01.1 and M238HVN01.0 are perfect matches for various gaming machines. They are usually located in shady rooms (e.g., casinos) so the content presented on display will be perfectly readable.  

What is more, the 21.5-inch T215HVN01.1 can be used in the industry. Although it is not a typical size for HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications, it will fulfil the requirements of the control panel’s users.

The 21.5-inch T215HVN01.1 is also an alternative for household goods, especially refrigerators (fortify with touch panels). No doubt, currently they are meant to be not only a store for eatables but also an interactive gadget, so you can check the weather, create a shopping list or just surf the net while preparing foods and drinks.

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