Small but efficient OLED display by Winstar

Small but efficient OLED display by Winstar

Unisystem’s offer has just been supplemented with another OLED display by Winstar: WEO064128AWPP3N0Y000. It can be used in applications where the screen focuses most, if not all, of the user’s attention. It is about not only the interfaces of portable multimedia devices but also control panels and various measuring instruments.

OLED displays are a crucial part of Unisystem’s offer – it is a technology with a unique way of operation. Each pixel that forms a given matrix is also a source of light. Therefore, there is no need to use additional backlight in devices using such modules. Using this type of product positively affects the final weight, size, and energy consumption. Those features are of particular importance in all battery-operated appliances.

The 0.96-inch WEO064128AWPP3N0Y000 from Winstar is an exemplary representative of the solutions described above. The advantages of OLED technology are also practically infinite contrast and wide viewing angles, which guarantee exceptional readability of the information on the screen. Such displays will also cope with almost all conditions, in both outdoor and indoor applications – the discussed model will work flawlessly in operating temperatures ranging from -30 to 70°C.

The essential parameters of WEO064128AWPP3N0Y000 are presented in the table below:

active area10.86(H) x 21.74(V) mm
brightness150 cd/m2
contrast ratio10 000:1
viewing direction160° / 160°
module typeCOG – Chip on Glass
interfaceSPI, I2C
outline dimensions14.0(H) x 28.0(V) x 1.26(D) mm
operating temperature-30-70℃
operating lifetime20 000 h
available content colorswhite

OLEDs can be used in a wide range of applications. They work well as screens in wearable devices – the module by Winstar is a ready-made solution for smart bands or portable measuring devices. Examples of the implementation of these displays in intelligent buildings – offices and homes – include, e.g., gauges and control panels managing the lighting or heating.

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