The new circular LCDs by Winstar

There are two new circular LCDs on Unisystem’s offer – monochrome WO128128A series by Winstar.

The WO128128As stand out by their circular shape (128×128). They are passive-matrix FSTN (Film compensated Super-Twisted Nematic) LCDs designed in two modes – FSTN positive (WO128128A-TFH#) and FSTN negative (WO128128A-TDI#).

We present the essential parameters of Winstar’s WO128128A series in the table:

obszar aktywny44.0×44.0 mm(w tym pole widzenia – 42.0×42.0 mm)44.0×44.0 mm(w tym pole widzenia – 42.0×42.0 mm)
wymiary zewnętrzne55.0×57.0×6.18 mm55.0×57.0×6.18 mm
rodzaj LCDFSTN, pozytywowy, transflektywnyFSTN, negatywowy, transmisyjny
kąty obserwacji6:006:00
podświetlenieLED, białeLED, białe
czas życia LED50.000 h50.000 h
zakres temperatur pracy-20~70°C-20~70°C
number of dots128×128128×128
active area44.0×44.0 mm(view area – 42.0×42.0 mm)44.0×44.0 mm(view area  – 42.0×42.0 mm)
outline dimensions55.0×57.0×6.18 mm55.0×57.0×6.18 mm
LCD typeFSTN, positive, transflectiveFSTN, negative, transmissive
viewing angles6:006:00
backlightLED, whiteLED, white
LED life time50.000 h50.000 h
operating temperature-20~70°C-20~70°C

The WO128128 series can be used in industrial applications as meters or drivers.

What is more, they are well suited for various household goods, e.g., washing machines, refrigerators, or coffee makers. The circular shape (as distinct from ‘classical’ square or rectangular displays) encourages to remake the design of daily appliances so that due to their uniqueness, they can attract new customers. 


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