Winstar LCD-TFT with USB and decor-glass PCAP

Once again Unisystem extends its offer with special solutions perfect for semi-industrial applications which do not require customization. The models described below are produced by Winstar – one of the largest producers of LCD and OLED displays in the world. Both models have been equipped with decorative glass and USB interface, which definitely makes it easier for customers to implement modules for their own applications.

The WF43HTIAEDNBB# is a 4.3-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 480×272 pixels using the RGB interface. The module has been equipped with a capacitive touch panel designed in PCAP (Projected Capacitive) technology supporting multitouch and compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac operating systems. The built-in ILI2511 controller supports the USB interface. The display has w brightness of 400 cd/m2.

The WF50BTIAGDNB0# model is a TFT-LCD display with 800×480 resolution and a diagonal size of 5 inches. The built-in ILI6122 and ILI5960 controllers support a 24-bit RGB interface. The module has been equipped with a capacitive PCAP touch panel and a built-in ILI2511 controller allowing the use of a USB interface.

The table shows the basic technical parameters of both described displays:

Size4.3 inch5 inch
TFT interface24-bit RGB24-bit RGB
TFT controllerST7287-G4-1BILI6122 + ILI5960
Brightness400 cd/m2400 cd/m2
Touch screenPCAPPCAP
PCAP interfaceUSBUSB
Active area95.04 x 53.856 mm108 x 64.8 mm
Outline dimensions132 x 96 x 4.95 mm147 x 104 x 4.8 mm

Both products can work in an industrial temperature range from -20°C to + 70°C. They can work great in cooperation with Raspberry Pi and in the applications requiring small touch panels with a USB interface, i.e. in 3D printers.


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